Solving clean water issues


Every human being needs water. If the earth did not have water, there would not be any life and for the most of the world’s population water is granted. However, 700 million humans are still struggling to access clean water sources. The problem is growing and in twenty years many more will face the problem of sickness from liquid.

There are many ways to solve this issue, indeed the issue of clean water has existed for many thousand years. Small micro-loans are one way. It means that rich countries give private persons a little loan to start building new water wells in their respective areas. An organisation that provide with such financially support is “”. The organisation has helped over 24 million people and given about 5.7 million loans on the road. (;, 2019)

The biggest difficulty is the growing population of the undeveloped-countries. According to Thomas Malthus theory the world’s population increases slowly before it gains momentum and increases dramatically. The worlds resources increase continuously and after some years the population is bigger than what the earth recourses can handle. Personally, I think that we are almost at this stage and we have to act to prevent a catastrophe.   (Harley, 2013)

Education could be a key factor trying to solve these huge issues. If undeveloped countries like Congo and India choose to educate their population, people will learn to build water wells, clarify the ones that already exists and learn about prevention. The challenges are huge, however there are possibilities’


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