Gender Equality

Equal gender rights

In 1963, Martin Luther King JR held a speech, addressing the issue of racism. In this speech he made clear that everyone is created equal. Every human being is to be treated equal, no matter the race, sexual orientation or ethnicity. This counts for gender as well. However, in today’s modern society it is not always like that. (Wikipedia, 2019)

The new UN-sustainable goals were published in 2016. It contains of 17 goals with 169 intermediate objectives. The fifth goal is gender equality, and it is an important goal because there is still big difference between men and women. The goal is created for both rich and poor countries, however there are big difference between the challenges of these countries. We know that its target is more equality between the two genders, but what is the main purpose of the goal? (United nations, 2019)

«End all forms of discrimination against all women and girls everywhere» is the first sub-target. In this target the UN is addressing the matter discrimination between genders. In October 2017 the “metoo” campaign started. Women in multiple countries shared their stories of rapes and sexual harassment. Everyone used the hashtag “metoo” and it quickly became a trend. Many politicians and businessmen were affected by it, Donald Trump being one of them. In the last tree years, almost fifty women have accused the president for some kind of sexual harassment. In Norway the famous politician Trond Giske where accused several times for touching girls at the youth-party of the Norwegian labour party. The complains forced him to leave the politics. (Orgeret, 19) (Mindock, 2019)

In poor countries, the struggles are quite different from rich countries. Many girls can not go to school, and are married away from their family at a very young age. The main reason is money. The families are often poor, and with school being expensive, boys are put first in line when the family has to choose who they send to school. The girls are also needed at home to clean, make food, and take care of younger siblings. The boys are therefore prioritized, since in many cultures the man has the responsibility of feeding the family. 

Another reason is that boys always has been looked at as a better resource, and the status of having an educated son is more important than equality in many cases. Education is the key to get out economic issues. If poor countries want to develop, education is the best way to achieve less poverty. Education solves many problems. Overpopulation, dictatorship and bad economy are issues that could be solved through education. If everyone gets the knowledge and information they need, they can learn about contraception, about democracy and about economy. If girls get this information they can help develop their respective countries.  

Personally, I feel that the purpose of the goal is twofold. The first purpose is to address that it still exists discrimination of gender, even after many years of fighting for women’s rights in the western world. The second purpose is to address the issue in developing countries. If they use more resources on educating girls and stopping the discrimination, their countries will develop in the right direction economically, socially and globally. 


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